BAMFutura - Packaging Adhesives

The popularity of BAMFutura hot melt adhesives within the packaging industry has increased dramatically during the last decade. 

Manufactured using high quality raw materials and cutting edge production processes, the BAMFutura range delivers a level of performance that surpasses that of any other packaging adhesive products. BAMFutura adhesives also offer exceptional versatility and can be used with almost all packaging machines. They provide assured adhesion to some of the most difficult to bond surfaces including metallised polyester materials, PP coated, PET laminated, varnished and high density board. But hot melts are pearl white in colour, do not fume and are virtually odourless. These characteristics provide manufacturers with unique hot melt adhesives solutions that can be used across a vast range of packaging formats and with the most delicate and absorbent foods or pharmaceuticals.

BAMFutura 51 is our latest ground-breaking packaging adhesive and offers superior adhesion to demanding coated surfaces. With unrivalled resistance to low temperatures and very high heat resistance, BAMFutura 51 offers our broadest spectrum of performance and perfect for a multitude of high volume, fast setting applications.

The BAMFutura range includes BAMFutura 53 - a low viscosity packaging adhesive. The low viscosity makes it ideally suited to high speed applications requiring a precise application with a clean cut off from the nozzle.

Beardow Adams have a comprehensive portfolio of proven packaging adhesives to suit customers requirements.

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