Bookbinding adhesives: the trend towards faster line speeds and polyolefin (POR) adhesives.

The bookbinding industry is having to adapt to a number of changes in recent years, these include the move to faster line speeds and the adoption of Polyolefin (POR) adhesives. Which products can help you meet the demands posed by these developments and why they are happening?

Adhesives for faster bookbinding line speeds

High-speed book production, especially when combined with spine gluing at low application temperatures, can present many challenges for adhesives. Hot melts must provide a strong bond yet set quickly enough to avoid smearing equipment during trimming and thus avoid costly production downtime needed for cleaning. 

Our new range of BAM bookbinding hot melts satisfy these demands and have been successfully tested and employed by major international manufacturers. They are shown to deliver a secure bond - as seen in their strong page pull strength – whilst allowing in-line trimming to be safely undertaken without the need for line stoppages.

Specifically formulated to be applied at temperatures as low as 140°C, they will run safely on fast lines, bonding up to 12,000 magazine or book spines every hour. 

Developed using the latest formulation technologies and high-quality raw materials, the range incorporates bio-based materials to help bookbinders meet the demand for environmentally friendly products. 

Why bookbinders are moving to Polyolefin (POR) adhesives

Another trend in bookbinding is the growing move towards using polyolefin adhesives as a replacement for alternative technologies such as PUR. 

Polyolefin adhesives, unlike PUR glues, do not release harmful isocyanate-containing vapours into the workplace and therefore do not require specialist emission recovery systems or handling precautions. In addition, they offer faster setting times, require less onerous housekeeping thanks to their longer pot life, and do not require melt tanks and applicators (nozzles/rollers) to be purged after every use. 

Compatible with most hot melt equipment and disposed of in ordinary municipal waste, polyolefin adhesives do not require additional investment in equipment or waste disposal procedures.

One of our most popular polyolefin glues is BAM 2398, a hot melt that provides excellent adhesion to a broad range of materials, has a high temperature resistance for extra bond security in demanding applications, and can be used for both side gluing and spine gluing, helping to reduce stock inventories. 

Known to ‘bridge the gap’ between traditional hot melts and PUR alternatives, Polyolefin adhesives are an ideal product for bookbinders looking to gain a competitive edge.

If you'd like to request a product sample or talk about any of our bookbinding adhesives with one of our specialists, please email [email protected].

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