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At Beardow Adams we work together with many food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaged goods manufacturers. They rely on our adhesives to enhance their product presentation, differentiate their brands, and improve their production lines. 

Packaging materials for food and beverage sector main source of industry growth

In 2018 the global packaging adhesives industry size was valued at $10.69 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.19% between 2019 and 2025, reports Grand View Research. The main source of market growth is the rising demand for packaging materials from the food and beverage sector. Reasons behind that are, for example, the growing population, increasing disposable incomes and changing consumer dietary requirements. 

Consumers are reliant on packaging for food safety. In 2016 we became the first adhesive manufacturer in the world to receive the BRCGS packaging certification. This means we manufacture packaging adhesives in an environment suitable for use in the food and beverage industry. This certification is held for our BAMFutura™ adhesives line as well as several other non-BAMFutura adhesives. By obtaining and maintaining this certification we can help food and beverage manufacturers guarantee food and safety to their consumers. 

Several advantages our adhesives offer food and drink manufacturers:

• Versatile performance
• High thermal stability
• Superior adhesion
• Low odour
• Clean-running, easy-to-handle adhesives
• No char

Increasing public awareness about environmental concerns resulted in higher demand for sustainable packaging

Adhesive manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that adhesives allow packaging materials to be disposed of correctly. They should be removable and should not compromise the finished product, the production process or the environment whilst being recycled. 

At our production facilities we are able to manufacture adhesives with 40-60% bio-based content. In 2020, on average, over 30% of the raw materials used by Beardow Adams to manufacture hot-melt adhesives were bio-based, from renewable sources. Hot-melt adhesives are some of the cleanest glues to manufacture as they have a low odour, contain no solvents, and produce virtually zero waste. The hot-melt adhesives are 100% solids. As such, 100% of what is supplied can be used as a functional product. 

At Beardow Adams we offer specific eco-friendly products and services for the packaging industry:

• Vegan adhesive - BAMFutura™ 43VE
• Bio-based adhesives - glues with a high bio-based content
• Alkali dispersable adhesives - aids PET recycling and closed loop recycling processes

As mentioned above, we offer 'green services' to our customers. The BAMFutura 43VE adhesives is a metallocene-based product that contains no animal-derived substances and is V-Label certified. It meets the standards of customers who are looking for a product that adheres to the principles of veganism. With more and more people taking up veganism, consumers' buying habits have changed, which means that companies needed to adapt to these habits. Beardow Adams helps manufacturers that produce and pack vegan products to make sure that even the adhesive they are using to pack their products is vegan. 

Furthermore, we have helped several international beverage manufacturers cutting down on waste by creating a specific labelling adhesive: BAM™ 2448. This adhesive washes off PET bottles when they are processed through a caustic alkaline solution, allowing bottles to be separated from their labels. This method is environmentally friendly as it allows the bottles to be re-used up to 15 times thanks to the adhesive being removed completely, and a higher proportion of PET flake to be recovered. The BAM 2448 hot-melt adhesive is suitable for end-of-the-line wrap-around labelling applications and can be used for both carbonated and still soft drinks in PET containers, as well as glass jars and metal tins. With a million plastic bottles being bought around the world every minute, the recycling and reusability of these goods rank highly amongst the most important requirements of a sustainable economy. Especially now as the demand for both bottled water and sanitisers have risen drastically with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

For more information on how Beardow Adams can help you with your latest project and green endeavours, get in touch with your local representative or email [email protected] today! 

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