As an essential business, we remain open

The UK government along with many others has outlined that although non-essential businesses must close, it’s vital that businesses of key industries continue to operate to get us through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Since Beardow Adams is classed as an essential manufacturing business as we supply many critical sectors, we will remain open for business.

Food and drink, medical, filtration and hygiene companies all require our adhesives for their products and manufacturing processes. Without our adhesives which are vital for holding together the likes of hospital filters, medical devices and disposable non-woven products, along with packaging to protect and transport food and drink both locally and globally, these companies wouldn’t be able to function as normal, in a time where demand is high and supply critical. Hospitals are struggling to keep up with the increasing number of coronavirus patients, and food stores continue to introduce dramatic measures to cope with the nation’s panic buying and stockpiling.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we would like to reassure the public and our customers that Beardow Adams continues to monitor the situation and update our processes accordingly, in line with government and WHO regulations and guidelines. The health and wellbeing of our staff, suppliers and customers remain our priority. Just some of the actions we have taken include isolating our facilities, staff working from home, the cancellation of face-to-face meetings and in-depth advice given to all employees regarding the likes of sanitisation, distancing measures and actions to take if unwell or if they fall into a vulnerable group that needs to be shielded.

Although Beardow Adams has these processes and further contingencies in place to reduce and remove any possible impact the coronavirus can have on our business, we continue to rely on the great work of our suppliers, customers, local authorities and governments alike, to keep on providing us with the materials and business we need to manufacture adhesives and deliver them to where they are needed most. It is hugely important that we continue to work together soundly, and we would therefore like to take a moment and thank them for their continued support during this time.

For us today, to support our critical customers as far as feasibly possible, it will remain business as usual. We remain strong and as one. #sticktogether

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