Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to (case study)

At Beardow Adams, we receive a great variety of requests from our customers. Some customers look for an adhesive that is an ‘all-rounder,’ many ask for the ‘hands down’ highest-performing product, and others request the finest low-cost option for their application.

We are proud that our adhesive portfolio generally covers all requirements from customers, so once we have identified the specifics surrounding their application, the next step is finding the ideal adhesive solution.

For some of our biggest sectors (such as packaging), we have several best sellers that quickly and efficiently satisfy most of our customers’ needs again and again. However, for some less generic applications, finding the right adhesive does require some further in-depth analysis to ensure optimum results. 

Take one of our most recent packaging customers. The global company required an adhesive to seal vegetable boxes at two of their packaging plants in Columbia. One of Beardow Adams’ best-selling agricultural box adhesives is BAM 2500 however, due to the company’s very specific parameters for this application, after detailed analysis we came to the conclusion that BAMFutura™ 44 would be the best product for them.

This hot melt ticked the customer’s requirements for a high quality, FDA-approved adhesive, manufactured using BRCGS-certified machinery, within a particular price range. We were also able to fulfil our customer’s desire to work with a global adhesive manufacturer who could offer outstanding technical support.

Beardow Adams’ high performance BAMFutura range is known for its clean running, low odour, and high adhesion properties, allowing its users to see cost savings in real time. Within this range, BAMFutura 44 – a metallocene-based adhesive – was developed as a versatile packaging grade with high heat resistance and a fast-setting speed.

To ensure our customers were 100% satisfied with the end product, our Columbian arm ‘Beardow Adams SAS’ delivered detailed line trials with BAMFutura 44 as well as documentary approvals. We also made sure the transition from their former adhesive was smooth by the likes of fully purging out their glue tanks. After all this was complete, we were delighted to receive the packaging customer’s first official order.

The above scenario is just one example of the lengths Beardow Adams’ sales and customer support teams will go to so that its customers are happy and content with their purchase today and all the days after.

If you are looking to work with an adhesive manufacture or would like to make a trouble-free transition to one of our proven adhesive solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch today at: [email protected].

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