Adhesives for personal protective equipment (PPE)

The UK government’s latest announcement states that face coverings will be made mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England from Friday 24th July 2020 “for the foreseeable future,” which brings the country in line with a number of others who have already taken this approach. This requirement is already compulsory in countries such as Spain, Italy and Scotland whilst Wales and Northern Ireland are deliberating similar policies, said the BBC.

The government’s prior mandatory requirement of face coverings to be worn whilst on public transport and in NHS settings remains in place.

Since news of COVID-19 broke back in December 2019, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and gloves has soared for healthcare workers, employees and for personal usage. This latest government announcement will undoubtedly see PPE sales climb again.

The general public, politicians, workers and celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, The Kardashians and Lady Gaga have been campaigning for and encouraging the general public to wear protective equipment to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections prior to and since this most recent announcement. Retailers too have even started manufacturing colourful and more creative designs to make the idea of wearing a mask more fun and appealing.

Beardow Adams’ adhesives for PPE

As the demand for PPE increases, so do our adhesive orders for this type of application. One of the more dynamic changes we have seen during this pandemic is the diversification of our customers’ manufacturing facilities into new markets to support the growing global demand for personal protective equipment and medical supplies.

Beardow Adams is pleased to be supporting and aiding customers during their transitions by supplying them with additional adhesives to be used in the manufacture of PPE such as face masks and shields and medical drapes and gowns.

One of our UK customers for example added to their product offering by opting to manufacture face shields in addition to producing self-adhesive tape using Prodas™ 2278 – one of our semi-pressure sensitive adhesives. Another customer – a packaging producer – opted to manufacture similar products using Prodas 1995 – a high adhesion product assembly adhesive. Prodas 1995 was originally developed for laminating photobooks together and has also been used to bond ceramic tiles to display boards so it’s very much a multi-use product – just like many of our adhesives.

With a huge range of adhesives for all kind of applications, customers – new, existing and former – can be confident in approaching Beardow Adams to help effectively diversify their products and services.  

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