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As a customer-first business, Beardow Adams is always looking to deliver an unrivalled level of service to our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only create products but relationships that last.

This ethos is maintained by supplying clients with our first-class, globally sought-after adhesives (both existing and bespoke) and providing a high level of support which includes problem solving to meet client needs.

Beardow Adams is able to assist clients from the initial stages of selecting or creating the exact adhesive for their market right through to reviewing just how well that product’s performed months and even years down the line.

Transition Management

The degree of assistance delivered by Beardow Adams’ support team was recently recognised by a UK-based pet food manufacturer who were particularly impressed with the help they received when transitioning from their old adhesive to a more efficient product.

This client opted to use BAMFutura 1 which is a best seller and pioneer product from our BAMFutura range. As well as its flexibility in application, this product is odour-free and provides strong, reliable adhesion without tainting foodstuffs. It also operates under a wide range of temperatures with a uniquely consistent viscosity, making it ideal for application and storage in a wide variety of temperatures.

This makes BAMFutura 1 perfect for use on pet food packaging where contamination of the product must be avoided, and packaging may involve a range of materials and storage conditions for wet and dry food alike.

BAMFutura 1 is suitable for a wide variety of other functions in addition to packaging such as labelling, bookbinding and woodworking; the adhesive sets the benchmark for multiple industry applications.

Our pet food manufacturer client was so impressed with BAMFutura 1 and the care they received from Beardow Adams’ support team, they purchased three months’ worth of orders at once.

Visit the BAMFutura adhesive range for more information or get in touch with us today.

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