H.B. Fuller group

Beardow Adams is delighted to announce it is now part of the H.B. Fuller group. Joining such a large and diverse company will enable us to help more customers, connecting them with market opportunities globally. Find Out More

A sustainable future

At Beardow Adams we are committed to becoming a greener manufacturer of adhesives by continuing to develop sustainable innovations and improve our customer offering through our adhesive products, services, or working with you to develop a greener process that is kinder to our planet. The responsibility of looking after the earth falls on all of us... Find Out More


Every year, thousands of top brand food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaged goods manufacturers rely on our adhesives to enhance their product presentation, differentiate their brands and improve their production line conditions. We have taken this performance to a whole new level with our BAMFutura range; now incredibly successful for packaging. Find Out More

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressen™ hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are specially formulated to deliver exceptional performance when used with permanent and peelable machine applied labels. Find Out More

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Protect buildings, monuments, transport infrastructure and support the local economy and social environment, by investing in an anti-graffiti product that is 100% natural and environmentally friendly, is easy to apply and remove, and will not damage objects or buildings. Find Out More


Tried, tested and trusted in even the most difficult labelling uses, we make unrivalled high quality adhesives for pick-up and overlap, vertical and roll-through and tamper evident applications. Day after day, our hot melts are relied on to perform by leading producers of bottle, can and jar packed products around the world. Find Out More


Bound to last from the first page to the very last, we produce hot melts that provide outstanding spine gluing, side gluing, end gluing, casing in and tip-in applications. Our bookbinding adhesives give superior page pull strength and assured bonding, creating durable spines that can be trimmed just 30 seconds after binding. Find Out More


We can work wonders with wood. Beardow Adams uses the finest raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes to produce unique, high performance hot melt wood adhesive solutions. Find Out More

Mattress, Spring and Furniture

Cleaner running and safe to handle and use, our adhesives help manufacturers to reduce costs by eliminating the need to install and run expensive emission recovery systems. Find Out More

Applications and Markets

We manufacture a great range of glues in application areas such as packaging, labelling and woodworking along with adhesive cleaners on a global scale. For each type of application, we have a a range of adhesives to suit our customers' needs, so wherever you are in the world, we will find the right adhesive solution for you. Find Out More


We draw upon over 40 years of investment in R&D to manufacture the latest in technology adhesives that broadly fit into six categories: hot-melt, water-based, dextrin and starch, solvent-based, and dispersion adhesives. Find Out More

Filter Adhesives

At Beardow Adams, we have a market proven range of adhesives and products for the filter manufacturing industry. Find Out More

Our Adhesives

Scientifically formulated and technically advanced, our adhesives consistently outperform traditional products. Find Out More

BRCGS - Food Grade Packaging Adhesives

Beardow Adams is the first company in world to manufacture packaging adhesives to a food grade standard having become British Retail Consortium - BRCGS accredited. Find Out More

Careers at Beardow Adams

We are always looking for individuals wanting to challenge themselves and grow in a fast paced environment in our various departments: Find Out More

Product Assembly

In our business, invisible bonds are often the best kind. Our clients not only want adhesives that are strong - they also want adhesives that don't show. Find Out More


The BAMCare range includes products that have been designed for the use of permanently bonding non-woven materials, such as those found in the feminine hygiene or diaper construction industries... Find Out More

Adhesives for PPE equipment

Our hot-melt adhesives are used in many PPE manufacturing applications and can help diversify your product range to supply critical industries. Adhesives can be used for the construction and manufacture of PPE such as face masks, face shields, medical drapes, gowns and gloves, amongst others! Get in touch to find out more. Find Out More

Beardow Adams Group

Local Presence, Global Impact. With 6 factories in 5 countries, we are constantly growing our market presence. Find Out More

Welcome to Beardow Adams

Welcome to Beardow Adams, your manufacturer of industrial, innovative and customer-focused adhesives. As of 2023, Beardow Adams is proud to be part of the H.B. Fuller group.

Our Industrial Adhesives

Our products speak for themselves. We do not promise the earth. Instead, we continue to exceed expectations with our high-performance range of hot-melt, water-based, and starch-based adhesive technologies, amongst others.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Mattress, Spring & Furniture

Research and Development

We have an internal team of talented and dedicated people who work full time in R&D ... Learn more  



Global Network

We work all over the world and find adhesive solutions in all markets ... More information


Our Latest News

Our Latest News

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Our Latest Blog

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