Feminine Hygiene Adhesives

Beardow Adams’s BAMCare™ range of hot melts for the non-woven industry encompass exactly what they say on the tin; the adhesives in this range are designed and manufactured with the utmost care to ensure our customers are more than happy with the results every time they receive a delivery. 

Comfort is key with our skin-kind BAMCare range because the adhesives are largely used in the manufacture of feminine hygiene products.

Our popular BAMCare feminine hygiene adhesives are clean running, odour-free and flexible – ensuring the wearer can move around comfortably and confidently, whilst continuing to feel and be protected.

BAMCare 521 can be used for the self-adhesive garment positioning strip for the feminine hygiene industry and other similar products. BAMCare 521 is discrete as it’s an almost colourless adhesive, designed to give an optimum level of adhesion, whilst still being removable. The adhesive comes in our efficient EcoBlock™ format, allowing it to be used with a broad range of hot melt tank equipment and its viscosity allows it to run cleanly on spray and jetting equipment.

BAMCare 501, BAMCare 502 and BAMCare 503 have been designed for the use of permanently bonding non-woven materials, such as those found in the feminine hygiene industry. The adhesives have different properties such as various viscosities to suit different customer requirements.

Our BAMCare adhesives - used in the manufacture of products such as sanitary towels - are known for their good retention of shape and high tack and elasticity, whilst maintaining product integrity. With our feminine hygiene adhesives, you are guaranteed excellent adhesion, a colourless glue line, an odour-free environment, no damage or staining on materials and no blockages in the end product.

For more information on our BAMCare feminine hygiene range, contact: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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