Developed with care in mind, Beardow Adams has a proven range of adhesives for the personal hygiene, medical and disposable non-woven applications. Our BAMCare hot melts can be used for diapers and incontinence care construction, feminine hygiene, wet wipe lidding and ostomy care products.

In these diverse and demanding markets, our BAMCare® range of hot melt adhesives are practical and safe products for both producer and consumer alike. They have been developed to offer the optimum level of cohesive strength, combined with high adhesion to non-woven, absorbent, and backing materials used in the construction of these products. Our BAMCare are:

  • Colourless
  • Odour free
  • Suitable for skin contact, with relevant approvals
  • Non-blocking in the end product
  • Highly adhesive

Secure bonding, superior handling, BAMCare hot melt adhesives for non-woven applications are formulated specifically to provide consistent performance during manufacturing and complete bond security when in end use. Adhesives can be applied by a whole range of different methods according to requirements. The BAMCare range has:

  • Strong Adhesion
  • High elasticity
  • Exceptional retention of shape
  • UV fluorescence where required
  • High clarity

We understand that this continuously evolving market requires our adhesives to be as innovative as the products and applications they are being used for.

To learn more about our BAMCare adhesives, make contact at [email protected] 

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