Laminate Adhesives

Packaging is one of Beardow Adams most popular and ever expanding sectors. Laminate adhesives for packaging applications tend to be either for bonding layers of packaging together or for heat reactivated applications.

For lamination adhesives that bond layers of packaging together (or to a top foil or plastic), there is a variety of end uses from crisp tubes to bags of sugar or non-food stuffs. These adhesives could be water-based or hot melts.

The second use of laminate packaging adhesives at Beardow Adams is heat reactivated applications. Here, a packaging producer would coat the adhesive onto a paper sack or bag (for example). Then, when at their customer, it would be filled and then heat reactivated through a heated bar or platen so the adhesive can create a seal. This is usually done at a temperature between 80-120°C.

The adhesive would need to coat the substrate smoothly, heat reactivate at its given temperature and be non-blocking – where an adhesive tacks back onto a surface. In this type of application, you would often have two coated adhesives facing each other directly which shouldn’t stick together before they’re reactivated.

The product we recommend for reactivation applications is BAM 815. This product is a fast setting hot melt with a high level of tack and adhesion, making it additionally suitable for the likes of bookbinding. The pale colour of BAM 815 gives a clean looking finish to applications and this grade can be ran at high line speeds.

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