Can and Jar Labelling Adhesives

Beardow Adams' labelling adhesives offer exceptionally strong adhesion and are ideal for use with a vast range of can and jar formats. As low odour adhesives, they can be safely used for most labelling applications and will not taint pack contents in any way.

Our BAMFutura™ 802 adhesive is extremely versatile and offers a high initial grab and long open time. This makes it ideal for use in demanding slow start up and rapid labelling applications.

BAM 356A has been proven to give excellent adhesion to a variety of label stocks while maintaining clean machining. The adhesive is low odour and light in colour to minimise unsightly smearing, squeeze-out or staining of label stock. These features, together with a very high molten tack, make for a versatile labelling adhesive.

BAM 356A is a medium viscosity hot-melt adhesive that has been developed for use on vertical labelling machines. The product is suitable for both pick up and lap applications and is formulated to label tin cans at temperatures from 4 to 40°C and to give a positive label pick up without label slip.

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