Side Glue Adhesives

Bookbinding is a sector that Beardow Adams provides a number of proven, effective adhesives for. Our unique range of bookbinding adhesives is suitable for applications including side and spine gluing, rounding and backing and tip ins and end gluing.

Our bookbinding side gluing adhesive range is appropriate for even the most difficult substrates to bond. Our hot melts are tough, flexible and have a high adhesion to offer our customers superior bookbinding. We use the highest quality of raw materials, giving excellent thermal stability that prevents degradation. Our bookbinding grades are stable, don’t char or gel and ensure an even application, so the only surprises are in the story line.

BAM 1310 is one of our clean-running hot-melt adhesives developed for side gluing. It’s a semi-pressure sensitive grade with a long open time and exhibits good adhesion to all types of cover stock including highly varnished boards.
BAM 849 is our side gluing bookbinding application which offers good adhesion to printed and varnished cover stock and to paper stocks. The versatility of BAM 849 means it can be used on the likes of magazines, paperbacks, directories and catalogues. Formulated especially for side gluing, this grade is pale amber in colour with a high molten tack and long open time.

Hot melt BAMFutura™ 102 gives good adhesion to a wide range of cover material and paper stocks. The adhesive has a high tensile strength, making it suitable for difficult papers – such as art paper – as it has a clamping effect, holding the pages in place. BAMFutura 102 is fast setting and has a high molten tack – ensuring positive cover placement and adhesion even at high speeds. This adhesive is ideal for one-shot bookbinding, where a ‘water white’ product is required.

At Beardow Adams we’ve been manufacturing hot melts for books, magazines, catalogues and directories for years. We can offer adhesives that promise reliable, higher quality bonding to a great range of materials. Our relentless research into hot melts in bookbinding applications has achieved success in resistance to residual ink solvents, fast in line trimming, low stringing hot melts and improved lay flat properties.

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