Bonding Foams Adhesives

Beardow Adams’ innovative adhesives are used all around the world in the manufacturing of mattresses. Our hot melts for foam and fabric bonding are now rapidly replacing traditional solvent-based adhesives as they are non-toxic, non-fuming and virtually odour-free. They are also being extensively used in the production of automotive seating, upholstery and furniture in addition to mattresses.

Mattress assembly is a huge market and Beardow Adam’ mattress assembly adhesives are meeting the needs of customers looking for high quality and now greener products. Our Prodas™ adhesives for mattresses are clean running, but also safe to handle and help to reduce manufacturer costs by eliminating the need to install and run expensive emission recovery systems.

Mattress manufacturers are increasingly looking to improve their products and make them safer, comfier and more durable. At Beardow Adams we rise to this challenge and keep up to date with industry requirements like these so we can help our customers to produce only the finest mattresses. Our adhesives are suitable for almost all requirements during the construction of mattresses and the bonding of foam layers.

Prodas 2278 is our semi-pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive for effective bonding between foams. This grade can be used in the construction of mattresses and on point of display boards, where high adhesion and a long open time is required. Our Hot melt Prodas 2278 can also be used for side glue applications.

Beardow Adams mattress adhesives have achieved the OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certificate meaning our products – when used in the textile and leather industry – are not harmful to health and are environmentally friendly.

Beardow Adams’ product assembly Prodas range is known to be versatile, reliable and easy to use. For more information on our foam bonding adhesives, contact the team today:

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