Component Bonding Adhesives

At Beardow Adams we manufacture a high-performing range of adhesives for the automotive and transportation sector. A vehicle comprises of thousands of components which need assembling and many of the parts require bonding together. Our automotive adhesive range is suitable for bonding many of these components. From the material on the seats to the flooring and headlights, get in touch so we can identify the right product for your automotive component bonding adhesive solution.

Adhesives that bond components in the automotive sector need to be strong, clean looking and long lasting. Beardow Adam’s Prodas™ range offers vehicle manufacturers proven adhesive solutions to the industry’s most meticulous demands. For example, our automotive adhesives formulations take into consideration the temperature fluctuations and vibrations the adhesive and its corresponding substrate will likely encounter in a vehicle.

Prodas™ 1400 is our hot melt grade for automotive product assembly applications. The adhesive has a high heat resistance and provides excellent adhesion to difficult metallic, material, and plastic substrates.

Beardow Adams has second range of automotive adhesives called Prodacoll™.  Our Prodacoll adhesives are engineered to bond to PVC flooring, most plastics, wood, leather (synthetic included), textiles and cotton and wood fibres. This product range will see automotive manufacturers benefit from high adhesive strength, high heat and climate resistance, a solvent-free product and adhesives that can be optimised for many application methods i.e. spray or roller.

For more information on our component assembly automotive and transportation adhesives, get in touch right away so we can organise a trial:

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