Woodworking Adhesives

We can work wonders with wood. Beardow Adams uses the finest raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes to produce unique, high-performance hot melt woodworking adhesive solutions. 

Clean, easy to handle and extremely user-friendly, our wood glues are used in demanding precoating, profile wrapping, edgebanding, softforming, foam bonding, V-grooving and top laminating applications around the world. The revolutionary BAMFutura range of adhesives can be used with most woodworking machines and provides superior adhesion of PVC, HPL, solid wood, melamine, wood veneer and other materials to MDF and chipboard.

In addition, our other rapid melt, fast set woodworking adhesives are ideal for precoating melamine impregnated papers, veneers, HPL and PVC edgings. Our profile wrapping adhesives have been developed for use with wood veneer, paper foils, PVC and high-pressure laminates and allow door and door frame manufacturers to produce, lacquer and cure profiles in an efficient single pass operation.

Beardow Adams also produces technically advanced edgebanding adhesives. Proven to withstand 100°C temperatures for up to three days without delaminating, these are widely used in the global furniture industry. In addition, our soft forming adhesives comply with the FIRA Gold Award Standard along with foam and fabric adhesives for leading upholstery and bedding suppliers. Our range also includes V-grooving adhesives that are used in the production of wraparound drawers and loudspeaker cabinets alongside top laminating adhesives that allow the latest surface finishes to
be created.

We have woodworking adhesives for the following applications:

  • Precoating
  • Profile Wrapping
  • Edgebanding
  • Softforming
  • Foam Bonding
  • V-Grooving, Top Laminating and General Assembly

If you would like more information, email us at [email protected]

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