Closing and E-commerce Adhesives (PSA)

Beardow Adams’ adhesives range for packaging is one of our biggest. We have high performance products for many applications in this sector such as agricultural boxes, coffee cups, aseptic packaging, case and carton sealing and closing and e-commerce adhesives. The best way to identify which of our packaging adhesives suits you best is to let us know your specific application and substrates to be bonded.

Closing and e-commerce adhesives are largely in demand today. The ease of shopping online is being favoured by more and more consumers meaning more packaging to deliver these items is needed. In order to keep these purchases safe and their packaging secure during transit from ‘shop’ to home, manufacturers demand efficient and trustworthy adhesives.

Beardow Adams Pressen™ pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) range is ideal for bonding e-commerce packaging. The adhesives are suitable for the likes of tapes, labels, closures and self-adhesive coatings with both permanent and removable options available. Pressen hot-melt adhesives are tailormade and application specific to provide high tensile strength, exceptional tack levels and high and low peel adhesion whilst managing a wide range of temperatures.

Suitable for both rigid and flexible packaging, Pressen 2362 is our PSA with high adhesion and high peel strength. The grade has been developed for tapes and applications such as the self-adhesive closure strip on cardboard multimedia packaging. Ideal for online packaging applications, Pressen 2362 offers good temperature resistance and great adhesion to cardboard, in particular.

Pressen hot melts are manufactured on our state-of-the-art production lines and are formulated to achieve the highest levels of performance - thanks to our specialist R&D team who are devoted to meeting your packaging needs.

If you would like further information on our closing and e-commerce adhesives or any other adhesives from our broad packaging range, please send an email to and we’d be glad to assist you.

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