Liquid Filters Adhesives

Versatile and easy to use, Beardow Adams’s hot-melt adhesives for the water, air and engine filtration markets have improved production line efficiency for filter manufacturers around the world.

Our liquid filter adhesives are reliable and safe, offering an assured performance time after time, thanks largely to their exceptionally strong adhesion to a wide range of substrates in addition to their FDA approval.

Beardow Adams has several liquid filter adhesives available which help to remove contamination and are available for multiple applications such as end capping on water dispenser filters.

Prodas® 2183 is our brightly coloured, high heat resistance hot-melt adhesive, developed for bonding non-woven material in the filtration of milk. The adhesive is developed especially for a process that requires a lot of attention and care due to the risks associated with producing dairy products.

Depending on customer requirements, Beardow Adams can provide effective products for the filters industry with varying colourations, densities, open times and hardness to suit their manufacturing processes and adhesive needs.

Beardow Adams’ Prodas range is known to be versatile, reliable and easy to use. For more information on our liquid separation filter adhesives, contact the team today:

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