Coffee Cups Adhesives

Adhesives manufactured for the likes of coffee cups or hot packed goods must have a good level of adhesion and, of course, be able to withstand high temperatures. That’s why Beardow Adams developed BAM Futura™ 44 using the latest technology to ensure the adhesive not only adds strength and integrity to the bond it’s making, but the product it’s creating.

BAM Futura 44 is a versatile hot-melt packaging adhesive which is quick setting to maximise your production speeds - allowing you to run your lines quicker, and has high heat resistance - ensuring your packaging material will hold together when the glue meets high temperatures.

This product has impressive adhesions levels, so will maintain a secure bond through transport conditions and the harshest of environments and this strength will also help to stop your packaging coming apart when heat is applied. Due to these adhesive properties as well as the low density metallocene technology we’ve used to create BAMFutura 44, less adhesive is needed during application, helping you with costs.

BAMFutura 44 is ideal for difficult pack sizing applications because of its flexibility and instant adhesion. So, whether you’re offering a strong double espresso in the morning, sweet vanilla latte at lunch or a leaf-tastic flat white in the afternoon, Beardow Adams has an adhesive to suit your manufacturing needs.

For more information on our high-resistance coffee cup adhesives, contact, or speak with your local representative.

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