Wet Wipes Adhesives

Through unrivalled knowledge and expertise, Beardow Adams has developed a great range of unique hot-melt adhesives for the non-woven sector. Within this diverse and demanding market, we manufacture adhesives for applications including female hygiene, assembly, nappies and incontinence care, medical draping, ostomy care and wet wipe lidding.

Beardow Adams adhesives for wet wipe lidding securely bond the plastic lid to packets of wet wipes, ensuring the wipes inside stay moist and do not dry out. We recommend Prodas™ 2327 to most of our customers seeking an adhesive for this application, as it’s great at bonding the tricky, shiny and slippery substrates of typical wet wipe packets.

Designed to be clean jetting, water white and low-odour, Prodas 2327 helps maximise production and maintains its strength and bond – even after repeated use. This fast-melting hot melt which can be applied at low temperatures is a versatile grade as it’s also successful within mattress construction!

BAM 1567 is Beardow Adams’ hot-melt adhesive which is suitable for flexible substrates such as wet wipe packets. Because of this reason, this grade is also very versatile and has been used for carbonated drinks labelling, where its clean-running characteristics allow for high line speeds, and paper bags and patch windows. BAM 1567 offers manufactures excellent pick-up qualities, combined with high adhesion.

Beardow Adams has multiple ranges which overlap into the non-woven sector. Get in touch today with your specific application so we can find the ideal grade for your wet wipe adhesive needs: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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