BAMFutura - Bookbinding Adhesives

Our BAMFutura hot melt adhesives present the bookbinding industry with a truly unique range of solutions. 

Produced using exceptionally high quality raw materials and an advanced manufacturing process, BAMFutura bookbinding adhesives have been developed to deliver superior page pull strength in all spine glue applications. Furthermore, they provide assured bonding across all grades of stock from newsprint to heavy gloss and coated papers. BAMFutura adhesives are also virtually odourless, omit no fumes and can be used with fast or slow running machines to produce hard-wearing spines that can be trimmed within 30 seconds of being bound.

As a unique all-purpose spine glue, BAMFutura 101 is the perfect choice for one shot binding. BAMFutura 102 meanwhile is an extremely fast setting adhesive offering high tensile strength. As such, it is ideal for use where rapid binding and in-line trimming is required. BAMFutura 103, our long open time side glue, delivers outstanding adhesion and thermal stability.

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