Naturacoat is a sacrificial coating system offering complete protection against graffiti and environmental pollution, ideal for protecting historical and high-profile buildings and locations.

Graffiti is a worldwide problem and one that can be extremely costly to remedy. Sadly, some older, more vulnerable structures can be permanently damaged by graffiti which is the case of many heritage sites and landmarks.

Thankfully, there are technologies which exist today to protect structures from graffiti as well as environmental pollution. Beardow Adams’ Naturacoat offers complete surface protection from the permanent damage caused by unwanted graffiti vandals and pollution such as smog.

100% natural, Naturacoat is a removable coating made from vegetable polysaccharides and water that is sprayed onto surfaces, leaving a thin film that protects the surface underneath. Not only does Naturacoat provide a protective layer, but it allows the building to breathe naturally and causes no unnecessary long-term damage.

Proudly manufactured in our Swedish facility (originally Svenska Lim AB), Beardow Adams' Naturacoat is easily applied through a dry air system, leaving a virtually invisible protective coating on its applied surface. To remove any unwanted graffiti or pollutants from the coated surface, it is simply washed away using high pressure warm water spray at 60-70°C. 

We have a proven track record with over four million square metres of buildings already protected with Naturacoat, including the Museum of Scotland.

Available in both one and two-coat options, Naturacoat is suitable for most building surfaces including:

  • Natural stone
  • Brickwork
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics and marbles

If you would like to protect buildings, monuments, transport infrastructure and support the local economy with Naturacoat or would like to understand how this environmentally-friendly product can work for you, get in touch at:

Download the new Naturacoat brochure here.

Naturacoat brochure.pdf

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