Insulation Adhesives

The automotive industry demands many different types of efficient adhesives and sealants. From the adhesive used to bond seat components together to the adhesive used to keep the headlights in place, you will find glue in areas of a vehicle you would never have thought of.

Beardow Adams manufactures a number of impressive adhesives for the automotive sector with applications including lamp assembly and material lamination. The automotive industry requires adhesives that are clean and offer longevity, and our Pressen™ and Prodas™ automotive grades can offer exactly that.

Our insulation automotive adhesives exhibit qualities such as good heat resistance, flexibility, high adhesion and good sealing properties. They provide proven solutions to the global automotive industry’s most demanding and exacting requirements.

Pressen™ 2016 is our pressure sensitive adhesive for the lamination of sound deadening materials. This grade exhibits excellent cohesive strength which is recommended for applications where a strong bond and high sheer strength is required. Exhibiting good heat resistance, Pressen 2016 can be used in the bonding of various automotive lining materials and also used with foam applications.

Our range of insulation adhesives for the automotive sector are perfectly discreet but designed to last. Beardow Adams’ automotive adhesives can bond even the most difficult substrates from metal to plastic and foam, and are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 120 degrees.

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