Label Stock Adhesives

Beardow Adams works closely with leading food and drink manufacturers, as well as other sectors, to develop unique adhesives for label stock applications.

Label stock comprises of a carrier material – typically paper, film, fabric or foil – which is applied with adhesive to one side, and a printed design to the other, which sits on a bottom layer, or liner, that is coated with silicone to enable the label to be removed cleanly.

It is a growing and evolving industry, with an increasing number of substrate requirements and demanding applications such as faster run speeds and improved temperature performance.

Beardow Adams meets these challenges by offering a range of label stock adhesives that have high adhesion to a variety of substrates, high heat resistance, high tack, and clean die-cutting even at high line speeds. We offer a range of label stock adhesives for permanent, removeable, and freezer applications.

Included in our range of label stock adhesives is Pressen™ 2007, which has good adhesion to paper and plastic label stock and gives no residual staining to paper label stock. As well as Pressen 2319, which is formulated for permanent self-adhesive label stock applications.

We also offer a comprehensive testing, research, and bespoke development service to provide adhesives to suit your individual label stock requirements.

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