Complimentary to our range of hot melt adhesives, the BAMClean and BAMSolve range of adhesive cleaners helps you maintain your application machinery, keeping your productivity high and your maintenance low.

Each BAMClean product has been formulated to remove hot melt adhesives quickly and easily from tanks, hoses, and production line surfaces. In doing so, they help customers to maximise machine efficiency, minimise down time and avoid internal contamination that can otherwise result in blocked nozzles and application inconsistencies.

  • BAMClean 1 - supplied in pastilles, BAMClean 1 is ideal for most hot melt adhesive application systems, commonly those used for packaging, labelling, bookbinding and light-weight product assembly applications
  • BAMClean 2 - available as a liquid in 5litre containers, BAMClean 2 suitable for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, non-woven and labelling applications where a pressure sensitive adhesive
  • BAMClean 3 - supplied in a prill format, BAMClean 3 is a heavy duty tank cleaner, suitable for higher viscosity adhesive applications such as woodworking, or where customers are changing between PUR and more conventional hot melt adhesives. BAMClean 3 may also be used where adhesive systems with a heavy build-up of char or burnt material can be found.
  • BAMSolve - supplied as a liquid in 5litre containers, BAMSolve is a surface cleaner for machinery and components. Note, BAMSolve should always be used undiluted and at room temperature. BAMSolve should never be heated.

To learn more about our adhesive cleaners, adhesive optimisation and auditing services please get in contact at marketing@beardowadams,com

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