Hot-Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives provide customers in every industry sector with uniquely versatile, high-performance solutions.

As specially formulated preparations, hot melt adhesives can be tailored to adhere strongly to most materials including metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, leather, fabric and foam. Unlike less advanced adhesives, hot melts can also be used with confidence on hot, cold or wet surfaces.

Offering clear commercial benefits...

This unrivalled versatility has made them the adhesives of choice within a diverse range of markets from packaging, labelling and woodworking to product assembly, bookbinding and converting (PSAs). In addition, hot melts offer a number of clear commercial benefits. They are non-hazardous, low in odour and before being used are 100% solid, making them clean and safe to handle. Where several adhesives may currently be used, these can also often be replaced with one hot melt adhesive to save time and money.

Tailored and bespoke adhesives for every application...

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Beardow Adams supplies a vast range of hot melt pastilles, prills, blocks and drums. Hot melts can also be delivered in our easy to handle EcoBlocks™  & EcoBlocks Mini™ which can be used without being unwrapped. In addition, our unique research and development capabilities enable us to develop and deliver tailored and bespoke hot melt adhesives for any application.

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