BAMFutura Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives that set the bar high when it comes to performance. Clean running, low odour with high adhesion, BAMFutura adhesives are the products set that standard.

Back in 1998, Beardow Adams launched the ground-breaking BAMFutura 1 hot melt adhesive for packaging allowing its users to see savings in real time, with a low odour, highly stable adhesive. Since then the range has continued to grow and evolve, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with adhesive technology. BAMFutura hot melt adhesives encompasses countless industry applications in packaging, labelling, woodworking and bookbinding markets

BAMFutura adhesives do not char in the hot melt tank, are clean running, with high adhesion and can be used across a wide range of production speeds. They also offer exceptional thermal stability for both colour and viscosity change. During seven day trials, viscosity changed by less than 1%, with minimal discoloration. This unique characteristic eliminates the nozzle blockages and viscosity variances associated with less advanced adhesives. These can continually disrupt on-site production, adding both cost and time to production. In addition, unrivalled low temperature flexibility and heat resistance enable BAMFutura adhesives to be used with confidence in applications that may be exposed to extremes of temperature. BAMFutura adhesives are:

  • High adhesion
  • Thermally stable
  • Light coloured with a low odour
  • Available with a range of application temperatures and temperature resistance
Real value-adding benefits...

BAMFutura adhesives are inert, virtually odour-free and commonly pearl white in colour, making them perfect for most packaging and labelling applications. Here, they provide strong and reliable adhesion without tainting foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals or other delicate products. Improved bonding to a wide range of materials, reducing adhesive inventory and competitive pricing are among a host of other real value-adding benefits.

Our hot melt adhesive expertise and commitment to research and development enable us to regularly enhance the BAMFutura range with new products in new markets and applications, enabling us to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

Our BAMFutura PackagingBAMFutura LabellingBAMFutura Woodworking and BAMFutura Bookbinding sections provide further information.

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