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At Beardow Adams, product assembly represents a large, varied and important sector we produce many high-performance adhesives for. Within this sector, we manufacture state-of-the art adhesives for electronics, filters, mattresses, gasketing, automotive parts, foam lamination and of course, highly-in-demand white goods.

Beardow Adams’ Prodas™ range has set new standards for product assembly. The range meets the needs of designers and engineers involved in the production of domestic, commercial and industrial products. We are dedicated to providing these manufacturing sectors with unique, high adhesion, high temperature resistant hot melts with the ability to bond cleanly and securely to most engineering materials, helping businesses launch new and exciting products at the cutting edge of technology.

Adhesives for white goods need to be clean, discreet, and long-lasting. Our products are used in the manufacture of white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. Beardow Adams is proud that its products meet and exceed the needs of white goods manufacturers day in day out all over the world. 

Prodas 1252 is our hot melt designed to be used on foam melt equipment. The adhesive is for applications where an in-situ gasket is required and is as tough as a conventional gasket. Prodas 1252 is designed to be non-stick so that it can be peeled off easily and replaced when required.

Prodas 905 is our combined hot-melt adhesive for fridge assembly and a wide range of other applications. It has been developed for sealing fridge cabinets prior to the injection of insulation foam primarily, however Prodas 905 can also be used to bond various plastics in refrigerator assembly and other applications where a strong bond is required.

At Beardow Adams, our product assembly grades can offer excellent adhesion to most substrates, high speed production suitability, immediate bonds on cooling, high tensile strength and impressive heat resistance.

For more information on our white goods adhesives, get in touch today at: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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