Flooring Adhesives

Beardow Adams has a great selection of advanced adhesives for many applications in the automotive and transport sector. From vehicle flooring to insulation materials to door panels and inserts, we have a reliable adhesive solution for all your individual automotive application needs.

Beardow Adams adhesive range for vehicle flooring and interiors is Prodacoll™. We have many years’ experience supplying leading bus, train, tram, caravan, and motorhome manufacturers all over the world with adhesives they can rely on. The Prodacoll range for automotive flooring includes water-based one and two-part adhesives that are engineered to bond to PVC flooring, most plastics, wood, leather, textiles, cotton fibres and so on.

Our non-hazardous and non-flammable automotive adhesives offer benefits such as high adhesive strength, high heat and climate resistance and can be optimised for all types of application method e.g. sprays, rollers and manual application.

Beardow Adams also has a Prodas™ range of industry proven hot melt component assembly adhesives for the automotive and transport industry. These adhesives are suitable for automotive manufactures seeking high performance component assembly hot melts to live up to the quality expected from their end products.

If you’d like any more information regarding our flooring adhesives for the automotive and transport sector, don’t hesitate to get in touch: www.beardowadams.com/contact-us. We welcome all new business – big and small.

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