Spine Glue Adhesives

Beardow Adams has manufactured a great range of versatile adhesives for the bookbinding sector. Our products are suitable for applications including spine gluing, side gluing, casing in, tip ins and rounding and backing.

Our hard-working R&D team continue to produce leading bookbinding adhesives that offer great adhesion to even the most difficult paper stocks. Spine gluing applications warrant adhesives with superior pull strength, and Beardow Adams leads the way with this process.

BAM 776 is our pale-coloured hot melt grade which gives book spines a clean finish. This adhesive is ideal for one-shot binding. BAM 776 has a high molten tac which ensures positive cover placement and adhesion, and its setting speed allows for in line trimming. The low melt viscosity of this grade ensures the adhesive flows easily in hot melt tanks.

Our BAM 815 grade has similar characteristics to BAM 776, however it has been developed for one-shot perfect binding and drawn on cover work. This adhesive is fast setting, making it ideal for use on high speed lines where fast in-line trimming is required. BAM 815 has a high level of tack and adhesion, and therefore is suitable for a wide range of applications including paperback books and magazines. This adhesive can also be used in lightweight converting applications where a non-blocking adhesive is required, which can be heat reactivated later.

BAM 1520 has been developed as a low application temperature bookbinding spine glue. The adhesive exhibits good adhesion and page pull results even on difficult paper stocks. BAM 1520 offers a short open time and comes in a pale amber prill form.

Beardow Adams BAMFutura™ bookbinding grades offer the same proven technology as our BAMFutura packaging adhesives – offering benefits such as low odour and melt stability advantages. BAMFutura 101 has been developed as an unpigmented grade of spine glue with a high molten tack. It offers great adhesion to a variety of papers and coverstocks and is ideal for one-shot binding.

Beardow Adams offers a great selection of additional bookbinding adhesives to meet our customers’ needs in this sector. If you’d like more information or to trial one of our spine glues, get in touch: beardowadams.com/contact-us.

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