Alkali Soluble / PET Washable Adhesives

Beardow Adams’ labelling adhesives range is known for its versatility and high-performing capabilities. Our labelling grades are suitable for all manner of applications including soft drinks, can and jars and alcoholic beverages. We are continuously bettering our labelling adhesives to increase their performance further whilst also doing our ‘bit’ for the planet. That’s where our alkali washable adhesive comes in: BAM 2448.

Our alkali soluble or PET washable adhesive BAM 2448 has been developed as an alkali dispersible labelling grade for end-of-line wraparound labelling applications. The amber adhesive, which has passed Returpack Kft’s strict standards for alkali wash-ability, offers a long open time and high molten tack. Available in our customer favourite EcoBlock™ form for ease of use, innovative BAM 2448 enables labels to be washed off PET bottles once soaked in an alkaline solution. This means the clean, adhesive-free bottles can then be reused.

BAM 2448 allows users to achieve their goal of a greater level of corporate social responsibility in recycling PET as well as the glass and metal cans that are also suitable for this alkali-washable adhesive. The grade has been approved by Petcycle which is a well-known company that operates an efficient pool system as well as a sustainable recycling cycle for PET beverage bottles.

Our PET washable adhesive is already being successfully used by a number of global drinks companies. One customer now saves 10-15 PET bottles a time. Versus standard end-of-the-line labelling adhesives, BAM 2448 offers great energy savings via the alkali wash cycle in addition to a greater level of recyclability for plastic bottles, metal cans and glass jars. The grade is becoming an all-round winner for our drink’s manufacturer customers.

Plastic bottles and their recyclability/usage rank highly amongst the most important requirements for a sustainable economy, so if you’re looking to be greener, email: for more information on our alkali soluble adhesives.

Download our alkali washable infographic.pdf

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