Bonding Fabrics and Fibres Adhesives

Adhesives for mattresses must be non-toxic, pretty much odour-free, long-lasting, discreet and have excellent adhesion. Perhaps above all else though, these mattress adhesives need to be high quality to ensure a class, comfortable end product; there isn’t many more important things than sleep after all. Beardow Adams manufactures high-quality adhesives for numerous applications in the mattress industry which include bonding fabrics and fibres, pocket springs and foam bonding.

We have a number of efficient adhesives for bonding fabric and fibres in the mattresses industry which are being used by manufactures all over the world.

Prodas™ 2278 is our semi-pressure sensitive adhesive which can be used in the construction of mattresses. This hot melt offers good adhesion between foam layers and has a long open time which gives you time to reposition materials until the bond forms. Prodas 2278 is just one of our mattress adhesives that has achieved the OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certificate which means our products are eco-friendly and not harmful to health. 

Prodas 653 is Beardow Admas’ general purpose product assembly adhesive which is suitable for use in the manufacture of mattresses. This adhesive has a long open time but sets hard after 24 hours making it ideal for components which need to be cut after they have been bonded.

Packed in our EcoBlock™ format, Prodas 2033 has been formulated for use in foam bonding and furniture assembly applications, such as those found in the mattress construction industry. This adhesive has an optimal viscosity which suits both beaded and sprayed/swirl application methods. When cool, Prodas 2033 can create strong, foam tearing bonds with minimal ‘noise’ in finished products. With a long open time and high initial grab, this grade is ideal for bonding applications where the large part of assembly is done by hand and positioning and repositioning is required.

The aforementioned adhesives only represent a few grades within our varied mattress adhesives range. Get in touch to find the ideal product for your mattress application/s.

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