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As one of the world’s foremost Adhesives manufacturers, Beardow Adams has developed an unrivalled portfolio of high quality, innovative and value-adding products. Scientifically formulated and technically advanced, these hot melt adhesives consistently outperform traditional adhesives.

Since being introduced in 1998, the ground-breaking BAMFutura range has redefined the standards for adhesive performance. Exceptionally strong, thermally stable and incredibly versatile, these virtually odourless, Water white adhesives are favoured by world class manufacturers around the globe.

Furthermore, Beardow Adams produces packaging adhesives for blue chip food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaged goods manufacturers alongside labelling adhesives that adhere perfectly to glass, PET and PVC bottles, cans and jars.

In the woodworking industry, our clean, easy to handle, user-friendly adhesives help deliver the perfect precoating, profile wrapping, edgebanding, softforming, foam bonding, V-grooving and top laminating finish.

We have developed adhesive products that bond securely to most engineering materials to simplify product assembly and enable designers to launch new products at the very forefront of technology. In addition, Beardow Adams draws upon our extensive experience and resources to produce bookbinding hot melts that achieve exceptional results for spine gluing, side gluing, casing in and tip-ins. Our hot melt adhesive coatings are also proven in countless converting applications.

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Adhesives for personal protective equipment (PPE)

Since news of COVID-19 broke back in December 2019, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and gloves has soared for...

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