Profile Wrapping Adhesives

Many manufactures across the globe rely on our unique high-quality profile wrapping adhesives daily to complete their complex woodworking products.

Beardow Adams’ BAMFutura™ range for the woodworking industry represents a new concept in profile wrapping hot melts: for quality woodworking operations, adhesives should be clean, easy to handle, odourless and not fume. The range can be used with most woodworking machines and provides superior adhesion of PVC, HPL, solid wood, melamine, wood veneer and other materials to MDF and chipboard. What’s more, being unfilled enables the coating weight to be reduced leading to a significant increase in mileage, without performance being compromised.

BAMFutura™ 301 is our unfilled hot melt adhesive with good heat resistance and excellent adhesion for profile wrapping applications using primed PVC, paper foil and wood veneer. The adhesive can be used on most profile wrapping machines such as Duesphol, Barberan and Frizz with either slot or roller applicators. BAMFutura 301 exhibits the same characteristics as other grades in the Futura range – such as low odour and high melt stability – and can also be used for some specialist edgebanding applications where a low application temperature is required.

BAMFutura 303 is a profile wrapping adhesive which can be used on more complex profiles, thanks to its long open time. The adhesive has a low viscosity and high molten tack that allows it to bond a range of difficult substrates such as un-primed and PVC and can be used on a many machine types.

Our profile wrapping adhesives have been developed for use with wood veneer, paper foils, PVC and high-pressure laminates and allow door and door frame manufacturers to produce, lacquer and cure profiles in an efficient single pass operation.

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