Prodas®, our high performance hot melt range of adhesives for today’s manufacturers. This superior range of hot melt adhesives has set new standards in product assembly – meeting the demands of designers and engineers involved in the production of domestic, commercial, and industrial products.

Beardow Adams is dedicated to providing manufacturing sectors with unique, high adhesion, high temperature resistant hot melts with the ability to bond cleanly and securely to most engineering materials; helping organisations launch new, exciting products at the cutting edge of technology. Prodas adhesives can commonly be found in:

Beardow Adams understands that hot melt adhesives enable manufacturers to noticeably improve product quality and appearance because they can dispense with nails, screws and other unsightly fixings. Hot Melt adhesives in assembly applications are practical solutions to today's problems, offering an easy-to-use answer, with the performance to match. As an example, the automotive industry uses our Prodas range of adhesives to bond foam, acoustic composites, trim, headliner components and other sub assembly products. Or, how our Prodas adhesives for the filter industry have helped provide cleaner air and functional filtration products. We have also successfully developed hot melt adhesives to provide exceptional longevity, superior adhesion to a wide range of metals and plastics and the ability to withstand temperatures over 120°C and as low as -40°C. /all whilst being inert, non-toxic, readily handled

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