Air Filters Adhesives

Beardow Adams has produced a comprehensive and market-proven range of adhesives for the filters industry. These adhesives, which provide strong, lasting adhesion for filters in the commercial, medical, automotive and home manufacturing industries, have rewritten traditional filter production processes.

Filters are used for a huge range of processes and our adhesives are used to laminate multiple layers of substrate together to improve their efficiency. Beardow Adams provides adhesives for the likes of filter pleating and spacing, filter bag sealing and filter housing, however, our products are now becoming increasingly popular in specialist applications such as end capping.

Versatile, reliable and easy to use, our best-selling Prodas® range of hot-melt adhesives for air filters has been designed to meet the highest standards set out by manufacturers around the globe. The range is non-abrasive, low char and trouble free, allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and maximise the efficiency of your production; our adhesives are often used to reduce assembly times.

Beardow Adams’ adhesives allow filters to easily remove impurities, letting only the desired product to pass through. Our range includes both rigid and flexible adhesives with good heat resistance (ideal for exhaust filtration) that provide strong adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Prodas™ 1532 is a sharp-setting flexible grade, specifically used in the filter industry for filter bag hole sealing. The adhesive has a short open time and sets fast – great for use with air conditioning units and vacuum cleaners.

Prodas 2397 is water white in colour and has been developed as a flexible filter pleating adhesive with low outgassing properties. This hot melt product is suitable for foaming applications, which can increase your adhesive mileage and save you money.

Our Pressen™ 765 grade is a filter housing pressure sensitive adhesive with high tack, suitable for long open time processes and manual application.

Beardow Adams’ filters are trusted for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for products such as breathing apparatus, as they are non-toxic, odour-free and pale in colour (so create invisible bonds), letting only the cleanest of air through to patients or other end users.

Whether you need an adhesive with high heat resistance, foaming capability, a fast setting speed, high chemical resistance or low outgassing, Beardow Adams has products to suit all types of applications in the very diverse filters market.

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