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Beardow Adams is seeing an increase in demand for bio-based adhesives for bags made from paper rather than plastic as companies look to become greener. 

Although, it is worth noting that paper bags are often less durable than plastic and must be used at least three times before they are deemed more environmentally friendly due to factors such as them taking up to four times more energy to be manufactured.

Beardow Adams has developed several innovative, tailor-made hot-melt and water-based adhesives for the paper bag industry. To construct a paper bag, there is usually different types of glue involved to join the handles, window patches, side seams and bottom (base), and the adhesive is applied in different ways: roller coater, stamp, nozzle, disc etc.

Specifically formulated for corrugated, laminated, or varnished boards in the paper bag industry, Beardow Adams created semi-pressure sensitive adhesive Prodas™ 2278, which combines an ultra-fast setting speed with improved thermal stability and flexibility at low temperatures over commonly seen adhesives. Prodas 2278 is used for the longer paper bag seams and to secure the window patches, however it is very versatile and is often also used in mattress construction!

With further enhancements in thermal stability, BAMFutura™ 43 is a versatile packaging adhesive that maintains a fast speed of set, allowing producers extra reassurance and security for their production and manufacturing processes. BAMFutura 43 is used to stick the handles to the bag or what’s known as the sandwiching process.

One of our best-selling hot melts, BAMFutura 1, is also used in paper bag construction. The adhesive is an all-rounder that can run at high and low speeds – due to its adaptable open time – on all types of packaging machine. BAMFutura 1 has great high and low temperature performance, is pearl white, odour-free, clean running and has food contact approval.

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