Tile Adhesives

With over 40 years’ industry experience, Beardow Adams is well-placed to provide cutting-edge tile adhesives at affordable prices to our UK and international customer base.


We have a range of adhesives available – with various open times – to separate floor, porcelain and ceramic tiles, including backsplash tiles and countertops. We also manufacture heavy-duty adhesives for tile boxes, so can offer our customers from residential, commercial and public industries, the full package.

Adhesives used to protect and hold tiles apart during transport and storage must have great strength as each tile alone can be very heavy and difficult to bond to. Tile surfaces can vary greatly (glossy, smooth etc.), so the adhesive needs to be able to penetrate the surface without leaving any stains when it is removed. It’s very important the right product is used, as tiles can be expensive and damaged easily.

Beardow Adams has created numerous tile adhesives such as Prodas™ 2223 – a solution our team of chemical manufactures created for a client who was having trouble with a competitor’s adhesive peeling off too early in the winter months. Luckily, our range can withstand both cold and hot temperatures – just one of the reasons why Prodas 2223 proved a great match for our customer.
Providing bespoke solutions for our customers is a service Beardow Adams is truly proud of, and our Research and Development Team love rising to a challenge.

Other tile spacing adhesives Beardow Adams offers which continually outperform other hot melts include Prodas 1532, Prodas 2005, Prodas 2130 and Prodas 1702. Our commitment to innovation and technical excellence has led to Beardow Adams creating this range with varying heat resistance, flexibility, adhesion and setting speeds.

To find out more about our tile spacing adhesives, developed to support your business needs, simply contact: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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