Clean, easy to handle and store, Beardow Adams’ EcoBlock™ and EcoBlock Mini are a firm customer favourite.

Beardow Adams manufactures adhesives in a number of forms to suit customer requirements and, ultimately, make their production teams’ lives easier.

Our adhesives are available in drums, pastilles, prills as well as EcoBlocks. Here, the adhesive is produced in the shape of a pillow and then sealed in a wrap.

The wrap – made from film – allows the EcoBlocks to be easily handled, used and stored. The greatest benefit of our EcoBlocks is that they can be melted down without the film wrap having to be removed – this saves on waste and time.

Our EcoBlocks come in a variety of standard sizes – up to 1kg – and a smaller mini size – the EcoBlock Mini. Meaning whatever the application, we always have a suitable adhesive for our customers.

Depending on the adhesive used, EcoBlocks come in different colours – clear, white and amber for example. Our blocks are typically manufactured for pressure sensitive and labelling applications.

Since we began manufacturing EcoBlocks many years ago, we have continued to invest, increasing our production capability considerably due to their success. In 2018, we opened a new, fully scaled and automated EcoBlock line in the UK after a €2m investment which gave us an extra 3,000tons capacity per anum. We now have EcoBlock lines in the UK, US and at our newest production site in Frankfurt, Germany.

If you would like to know more, to trial one of our user-friendly EcoBlocks or to switch to this form of adhesive from another, do not hesitate to get in touch today:

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