Tip-In/On Glue Adhesives

Beardow Adams manufactures a number of proven adhesives for the bookbinding industry with first-class results for every application for end users every time! Tip in/on glue adhesives are primarily used for bonding samples to magazines.

The type of glue used for this application is that which, say, bonds a new bank card to its corresponding letter or a sample of shampoo to a shiny magazine. Generally, these are low adhesion adhesives with low viscosity which allows them to be applied cleanly and neatly. 

Tip in/on glue adhesives should be able to be removed without causing damage to the substrate they are bonded to, which is a great challenge but easily achieved by our experienced research and development department.

Another key attribute for tip in/on glue adhesives is that they must have low staining (migration) properties – the product should leave a minimal or no oily mark on the paper they are applied onto.

Pressen™ 961 and Pressen 942 are two of Beardow Adams best products for this type of bookbinding application.

Pressen 942 is a peelable pressure sensitive hot melt exhibiting a medium peel value. The adhesive has been formulated to be non-migrating and remain upon the surface it was applied to. The product is clear in colour and is therefore ideal for use on clear films. Pressen 942 can also be used on resealable polybags and for an eco-favourite process of ours - pallet stabilisation. 

Pressen 961 is a similar product to Pressen 942 and exhibits many of the same qualities but has a slightly lower adhesion. 

Beardow Adams has the resources to source or create precisely the right adhesive for each of our customers. We are specialists in the adhesive’s world, and we pride ourselves on being able to solve the difficult adhesive issues that other companies cannot. 

For more information on tip in-on glue adhesives or to trial one of our bookbinding products, simply email marketing@beardowadams.com or visit: www.beardowadams.com/contact-us to make an enquiry which will be answered promptly!

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