Insect Trap Adhesives

Beardow Adams produces a range of adhesive options for many traps to catch common pests such as insects, flies and cockroaches.

Insect traps are used indoors and outdoors in a variety of climates and come in a range of colours, scents, shapes and sizes. Using adhesives for insect trapping avoids the use of harmful toxins that can be dangerous to children, animals and the wider environment.

Our experience and expertise in formulating adhesives for insect traps allows us to offer solutions for many different types of application. We offer adhesives that can withstand high temperatures, meaning they won’t run or drip, and adhesives that will peel cleanly off their release liners. These products are great for home and work use as they are colour and odour-less and can also be used outdoors – thanks to their UV light stability.

Beardow Adams will happily formulate custom adhesives to meet specific customer requirements for colour, bond strength, temperature performance and viscosity (amongst others).

Our off-the-shelf, unique insect trap adhesives include Pressen™ 1882UV, which is formulated as a high-tack, high-grab fly trap application that is suitable for warm ambient temperatures, and Pressen 2000 which was developed to be light in colour, with low-odour and viscosity.

For more information on our insect trap adhesives that are just the right consistency, contact: today.

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