Diapers & Incontinence Care Adhesives

Beardow Adams has created an innovative, high-performing range of adhesives for the diverse and challenging non-woven and hygiene industry. Our expert knowledge and established global network mean we are ideally placed to serve and supply this important sector which is the largest use for hot-melt adhesives worldwide.

Our BAMCare® range of hot-melt adhesives are practical, sustainable and skin-kind products. They have been developed to offer the optimum level of adhesion to the non-woven, absorbent and backing materials used in the construction of nappies and incontinence care products. In addition to the strength needed to keep substrates securely together to stop leakages and ensure the nappy or pad holds its shape, our adhesives guarantee the product remains a comfortable fit, as they are flexible, allowing for movement.

Our BAMCare 501, BAMCare 502 and BAMCare 503 grades have been designed for the use of permanently bonding non-woven materials together, whilst BAMCare 511 is an adhesive used to bond elastic strands to the material to create elasticated leg cuffs. You can be sure BAMCare 511 will hold the elastic firmly in place, whilst still creating a secure, comfortable, non-leaking product.

The comprehensive BAMCare range offers strong adhesion, high elasticity, good retention of shape, no odour and both a light colour and appearance, whilst avoiding any damage or staining on materials. The adhesives can be applied by a whole range of different methods to suit requirements.

There is a lot of pressure on the global hygiene market with expectations high for growing sectors such as adult incontinence, but it is Beardow Adams’ promise to continue to push boundaries and deliver only the best possible products to customers.

Our nappy and incontinence care adhesives are formulated specifically to provide consistent performance during manufacturing and complete bond security when in end use. For more information on our BAMCare range or to enquire about trialling one of our products, do get in touch: marketing@beardowadams.com.

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