Pocket Spring Assemblies

Beardow Adams has manufactured a number of mattress assembly adhesives to suit various needs in the market and customer demands. We supply adhesives to all four ‘corners’ of the earth for pocket spring assemblies, foam lamination and mattress construction/the bonding of fabrics and fibres, for example.

The mattress production process can involve a wide range of substrates and a variety of applications, all with different adhesive requirements. Our mattress adhesives are suitable for both manual and automated assembly and have the ability to bond all mattress types including open coil, pocket spring, and solid foam.

Our superior mattress adhesive range is non-toxic, tough and resilient, safe to handle, trouble-free and clean running, and allows manufacturers to improve product appearance and quality, whilst reducing costs.

Prodas™ 2555 is a fully recyclable adhesive. It can be recycled with non-woven fabric at the end of its lifetime and reused to make more pocket springs. As demands for manufacturers to offer takeback services and to invest in recycling technologies and sustainable products increased, we saw the opportunity to support the circular economy with the development of Prodas 2555. The adhesive delivers a strong and lasting bond, is well suited to fast production speeds, and provides good adhesion to higher and lower grammage non-woven substrates. Excellent high and low temperature performance is yet another key benefit.

BAM 418 is one of our extremely versatile hot melts which can be used for a wide variety of applications where a high speed, very fast setting hot melt adhesive is required. BAM 418 is a light-weight product assembly adhesive – so ideal for pocket spring applications in mattresses – but is also widely used in packaging for tray forming, top and bottom case sealing and carton sealing. The adhesive has a wide temperature performance, low odour and good gap filling capabilities.

Prodas™ 2470 is a metallocene-based, highly-efficient hot-melt adhesive, designed for use in pocket spring assembly applications. The adhesive is a fast setting, high-heat resistance product with low odour. Prodas 2470 is light in colour and is cleaning running, allowing efficiency savings for its users.

Beardow Adams’ mattress adhesives have achieved the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX which is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile and leather industry. Awarding of the certificate means our adhesives have no harmful effects to humans or the environment when used on textiles and leathers.

For more information on Beardow Adams’ pocket spring adhesives, contact us at marketing@beardowadams.com.

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