Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Over our many years in the adhesive industry Beardow Adams has developed a market leading range of hot melt pressure senstive adhesives. These adhesives are used in countless self-adehsive, and converting applications around the world, proven and trusted by manufacturers and consumers alike.

Our Pressen™ hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's) are specially formulated to deliver exceptional performance on self-adhesive labels. As a result, they can be relied upon to securely bond paper, metal foil, plastic film, fabric and non-woven labels to glass, paper, board, metallic and ceramic surfaces. This means that they can be relied on to achieve the necessary balance of shear, peel and tack required for each application.
Pressen hot-melt adhesives for self-adhesive coatings are now an essential component in the production of adhesive tapes, art panels, bag and envelope closures and even insect traps. In addition, we manufacture dry peel adhesives which are designed to allow layered labels to be simply removed from packaging whilst leaving the base label underneath in-tact.
Furthermore, our converting expertise extends into heat-reactivatable hot melts for coatings and laminations. These products are widely used within the dry peel, footwear, bag, sack and trapping tape sectors.
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