Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Beardow Adams’ Naturacoat anti-graffiti coating is a reversible protection system against graffiti and airborne contamination (e.g. CO2 and soot) for buildings and structures both indoors and outdoors.

Unwanted graffiti is a serious problem across the world today and one that causes billions of pounds in clean up damages. Unfortunately, some destruction caused by graffiti is irreversible, especially for the older more vulnerable structures. This is why Beardow Adams recommends protecting your property from day one so these scenarios can be avoided.

Comprising of simply vegetable polysaccharides and water, Beardow Adams’ protective coating Naturacoat is sprayed onto surfaces in one or more coats with an airless appliance. Once dry, it forms an extremely thin protective film, usually invisible to the naked eye which creates a fully breathable coating. Any graffiti and/or pollutants can then be removed from the coated surface with high-pressured water at 60-70°C – no chemicals required, and no damage caused.

Proudly manufactured in our Swedish facilities, environmentally friendly anti-graffiti coating Naturacoat can be used on all kinds of surfaces to protect your property such as natural stone, brickwork, concrete, metal, plastic and ceramics. Naturacoat SC 30 – our latest advancement in anti-graffiti technology – allows all surface materials to be protected after just one coat.

Easy to apply and remove, Naturacoat is completely harmless to humans, animal life and the environment. Its components include natural ingredients such as the E-numbers used in the foodstuffs industry. And, unlike its wax rival – which leaves a cream-like colour behind – Naturacoat is clear, so will protect in secret.

Our sacrificial coating provides the perfect protection for the likes of public buildings and transportation, private property and historical monuments. There are over four million square metres of buildings already being protected by Naturacoat including the Museum of Scotland and Brandenburg Gate.

If you would like more information or to trial Naturacoat, email us at:

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