Automotive and Transport

Our Prodas™ and Prodacoll™ range of adhesives provides proven solutions to the global automotive and transport industry’s most exacting requirements.

Developed to provide exceptional longevity, superior adhesion to a wide range of metallic and plastic based materials and the thermal stability to withstand temperatures as high as 120°C, our automotive adhesive products are used to bond foam, sound absorbing acoustic composites, interior trim, headliner products and a vast selection of components and product assemblies.

Our high performance hot melts also satisfy the need for automotive adhesives to be increasingly resistant to temperature fluctuations and vibration.

We can offer water-based adhesives for the following:

  • Contact adhesives
  • Pressure sensitives, sound damping compounds
  • Lamination, floor, wall and ceiling bonding
  • Thermal and cold insulation, coatings for damping of solid-borne sound
  • Manual and machine application

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