Complete Line Adhesives

The woodworking sector is one of Beardow Adams’ biggest and therefore we have a great range of high-performance adhesives for many different applications including edgebanding, profile wrapping, complete line and lamination.

Complete line adhesives are typically used when you put wood in one end of a machine and flat pack furniture comes out the other. Two products are used in this process – one which acts like a primer or gap filler. If you look at the side of a piece of chipboard, it will have lots of little gaps/voids where the woodchips fit together. The first adhesive – which is typically of a very high viscosity, very hard and heavily-filled – is used purely to fill and smooth these gaps over.
The second adhesive acts a little like that of a profile wrapping adhesive but is applied over the first adhesive to bond the finished edge, laminate or profile to the construction.

BAM 2272A is one of our adhesives which acts as the primer/filler product, and BAM 2442 is commonly used as the secondary adhesive as it is versatile across different applications (laminating, profile wrapping, edgebanding etc.).

BAM 2272A is a hot melt product that was developed as a highly-filled adhesive for filling gaps and uneven surfaces in edges of particle board or similar wood composite products. The adhesive offers a short open time and low surface tack.

Hot melt BAM 2442 is an unfilled product, developed for lamination applications in the woodworking industry. BAM 2442 offers good adhesion to a variety of substrates, high green strength and can also be used as a low viscosity profile wrapping product.

Certain woodworking applications can be quite hard to get your head around, so we recommend getting in touch in the first instance so we can identify the ideal adhesive for yours. Email: or visit: today.

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