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Beardow Adams has manufactured high quality, proven adhesives to cover a great range of markets, each with many different types of applications. As a global adhesive manufacturer with factories in multiple continents, we are in the fortunate position of being able to continually expand our adhesive portfolio across the marketplace to meet demand and dispatch our products to wherever customers are in the world.

Our adhesives are used day in day out by customers in the packaging, construction, woodworking, non-woven and hygiene, automotive, filtration, medical and product assembly markets in applications such as labelling, bookbinding and edgebanding. However, Beardow Adams welcomes customers to approach us with adhesive requests for any market.

We enjoy leading the way when it comes to finding the right solutions to the most difficult adhesive problems or creating a new adhesive formula all together. Our R&D team thoroughly enjoy a challenge and seeing their projects hit the marketplace and take off. So whatever market you are in, Beardow Adams will look into providing an adhesive solution for you.

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