Paniker celebrates 100 years in the adhesive industry

In February 2022 Paniker celebrates 100 years within the industrial adhesive industry. During these 100 years the company has grown from a small start-up, to now being part of the Beardow Adams Group with a worldwide presence and a comprehensive range of adhesives and services.


In 1922, along with several other partners, Ramón Paniker founded the company that he gave his name to. The company started manufacturing chemical products for the leather industry, primarily for the local footwear market. Their first key development was an adhesive for children’s shoes, allowing them to take their first steps into the glue market. The basic idea was that if a glued shoe could resist the stress to which children subject it, hopping, skipping, and jumping, it is sure to resist stress in all other shoes. This development led to the creation of the Royal California and Koltac brands, which are still sold widely today.

Paniker expanded into the manufacture of other chemical products that would complement their existing adhesive range, such as solvent-based adhesives.

In 1970 Paniker started to grow and develop into new markets and industries; woodworking, textiles, and later into the paper industry with the development of the EUROPANOL water-based adhesive range.

Cooperation with Beardow Adams started in 1992, when they became our Global Partner servicing the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Here, Beardow Adams’ hot-melt adhesives complemented Paniker’s own range of water-based and solvent technologies. In 2000 Beardow Adams took the steps to acquire a majority share in Paniker, alongside Spanish partners Carlos Rocamora and Francisco Pérez. This solidified Paniker’s position as one of Spain’s leading adhesive suppliers. Paniker now had direct access to Beardow Adams’ broad range of hot-melt adhesives, as well as the technical know-how, research and development centre, and international distribution via Beardow Adams’ dedicated Global Partner network. It also allowed Paniker to continually invest in product development and manufacturing to provide their customers with the highest quality products- and services.

Recent developments

Since 2000, Paniker has expanded its production facilities and invested in its workforce, allowing the development of new product ranges into new markets not just nationally, but internationally. These include:

- Reactive polyurethanes hot-melt adhesives for the textile industry
- Tissuecol water-based adhesive for the tissue converting industry
- Epoxy resins
- Toluene-free adhesives

In 2014, Paniker entered the growing towel and tissue market after investing in additional production capacity. The investment didn’t stop there. Three years later the company launched a new range of polyurethane adhesives, which are now widely used in the filters, ceramic mesh, artificial turf, and isothermal panel construction markets.

In 2019 environmentally focused upgrades were made to Paniker’s production sites, this included a new facility for the recycling and treatment of IBCs to promote and manage the reuse of medium-capacity plastic containers, thus reducing waste to landfill.

Paniker continues to invest in its production facilities, employees, and the latest formulation technologies to provide customers with high-performance adhesives that help to boost productivity and product quality.

For more information about Paniker’s centenary celebrations and history visit their website here:

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