Paniker features in May issue of TissueMAG

Paniker Engineering in Adhesives celebrates its 100th anniversary!

In May Paniker was featured in TissueMAG. Paniker, who have been part of the Beardow Adams Group since 2000, spoke to the magazine about how the tissue market has changed over the years and what they expect in the future.

On 3rd of February 2022, the Barcelona-based company dedicated to adhesives reached the magic milestone of 100 years old. Starting its journey providing adhesives and products for the leather and footwear industry, Paniker has managed to develop a wide portfolio of products with different technologies.

TissueMAG is an international tissue paper machinery and technology magazine which is distributed to tissue paper mills and tissue converters all over the world.

Established in 1922, Paniker is one of the oldest adhesive companies in Spain with the largest single liquid adhesives plant boasting 27 production lines. Paniker started working with Beardow Adams in 1989 and the adhesive company has now grown to dominate the footwear industry and be present in a wide range of demanding markets including paper derivatives, packaging, labelling, woodworking, and the automotive industry.

Paniker’s industrial products are utilised in over 25 countries around the world. The adhesives manufacture is known for its optimised production processes and short delivery times. Over the years, Paniker has developed a wide range of adhesives for applications including lamination and tube winding which are adapted to meet the needs of the market and comply with FDA/BFR Regulations.

Find out more about Paniker’s tissue adhesives in TissueMAG’s May edition.

For more information on Paniker, visit their website:

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